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24-Pc Box - with custom flavors
$28.00(online price only)
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 Dark Ganache

 Raspberry Ganache

 Jamaican Rum Ganache

 Italian Amaretto Ganache

 Grand Marnier Ganache

 Champagne Ganache

 Cheesecake Ganache

 Cappuccino Truffle

 Mocha Truffle

 Dark White Truffle

 Milk White Truffle

 Milk Truffle

 Key Lime Truffle

 Orange Truffle

 Mint Truffle

 White Butterscotch Truffle

 Milk Butterscotch Truffle

 Milk Marzipan

 Dark Marzipan

 Hazelnut Praline

 Dark caramel

 Milk Caramel

 Dark Caramel with Sea Salt

 Milk Caramel with Sea Salt